Charm Labradors
34626 Jupiter Rd.
Garber IA 52048
Phone:563-255-2561      Email:

Having Fun- Service Dogs

Charm Labs on an outing.

Gracie playing fetch with grandson, Nicholas.

Going for a walk on the mound.

Nathan, grandson, and Star going for a walk.

Brittany showing Cami at a dog show for Grandma.
Charm Labradors exploring the cave.
A Charm Labrador puppy.
Another Charm Labrador puppy.

I will howl some more if you don't look at all the pictures of Charm Labradors.

I really like this bed, even if it isn't mine.

I just know if I move it the owner won't know.

Two Charm Labradors at graduation.

I'm a Charm Labrador ready to help my person.  I am so proud of graduating.

Jerry, and two Charm Labradors at graduation.  We are so proud of our dogs and the work they do!!

Another Charm Labrador with a client.

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